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This website documents a series of meetings where a group of researchers in nursing, health services researchers, social scientists, health service managers and clinicians discussed the vital place that social science based research plays in investigating issues around nursing in healthcare.

Whilst nursing research careers may be seen to be coming of age with the inauguration of a new clinical research career pathway and calls for more research aimed at establishing treatment effectiveness, we also believe that research methods and designs characteristic of the social sciences will continue to play an equal if not greater part in the totality of researching healthcare and its delivery. For instance, there are questions relating to service configuration, patient experience and preference, emotions, workforce issues, leadership and management, the implementation of research findings and others that are vital areas of inquiry but are not, in themselves, discrete clinical questions. These meetings are intended to act as a timely focus for discussion about the contribution of social science approaches to nursing and healthcare research.

You can find information and material about the meetings that have already happened, notice of future meetings and some links to sites that may be interesting.

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